What We Do

We help small and mid-sized businesses plan and implement smart, measurable, digital marketing.

This includes Facebook ads, SEO and Local SEO for improved search visibility, Google AdWords search ads and Google Analytics.

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Our Clients

Marketing Metrology works with businesses that don’t have the resources (i.e. time, people, expertise) to handle marketing in-house.

Or, for companies with small marketing departments, we integrate with your team to provide support on large projects and help with technical, digital marketing setup.

How We Do It

We work closely with clients to:

  • plan marketing strategy,
  • implement digital marketing campaigns and analytics,
  • measure & analyze results, and
  • improve marketing performance.

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me · trol · o · gy | me-'trä-lǝ-jē

"The science of measurement." (wikipedia)

What Is Measurable Marketing?

Digital marketing has changed everything. It's measurable.

Before internet marketing (circa 1995) the biggest challenge for marketers was measuring effectiveness. Sure, a growth in sales could be attributed to marketing in general, but there was no way of knowing which specific activities were producing results and which ones were not.

With online marketing, you can collect quantitative data about your audience, your reach and your results. Today, marketing ROI can be calculated more accurately than ever.

That's measurable marketing.

Why You Need It

When you can measure the results of your marketing, you can determine which of your initiatives are working and which ones aren't.

You can make changes to improve your outcomes. You can invest your marketing budget in the activities with the best return. Today, you can have confidence that your marketing is helping you reach your business goals.

We believe that small businesses should focus their marketing budget on digital marketing media with measurable performance. In fact, we're so convinced of this, we founded Marketing Metrology on that very notion.

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half.”

-- John Wanamaker, 1838 - 1922

What Is Smart, Measurable, Digital Marketing?

We aim to provide clients with digital marketing initiatives that can be:

Tested at small volume
Scaled to the right size
Stopped or changed quickly

We make sure our work is grounded in established marketing principles so that your marketing is

  • based on a sound strategy,
  • aligned with your business goals, and
  • focused on long-term results.

That’s smart, measurable, digital marketing.

“If you can not measure it, you can not improve it.”

-- Lord Kelvin, 1824 - 1907

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