Local SEO & Internet Marketing Services

We help small, single- and multi-location businesses find new customers online and grow.

Whether you are just starting out or have been in business since before the internet existed, we can help you turn Google searches into customers.

Local Marketing To Grow Your Business

We are marketers. Our goal is to help your business grow.

No one-size-fits-all packages.

We’ll take the time to understand what you do and your goals. And then we’ll put together a marketing strategy that’s right for you.

After all, marketing isn’t just an expense. Good marketing fuels business growth!

“I highly recommend Marketing Metrology for anyone who is starting a business or simply would like to take their business to the next level. My business boomed thanks to a great online presence. 100% worth the investment.”

Leah Dilley
Georgian Bay Massage Therapy Clinic
Collingwood, ON

What We Do

We focus on the things that 1.) improve your visibility on Google and that 2.) compel searchers to click:

  • Google My Business
  • Your website
  • Review management
  • Google Ads

And if it makes sense for your business, we’ll also use Facebook ads to reach your local audience.

What we offer is a mix of Local SEO and internet marketing.

Google My Business

Google Ads

Website Design

Facebook Ads

Review Management

“Marketing Meteology turned my business around! They gave me a timeline, what to expect and when to expect it. No detail was ever too small. The local SEO work that was done has been incredible for my personal exposure and business has been booming! I’ve recommended to all small business owners, friends & family to check out Marketing Metrology!”

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“Working with Marketing Metrology was an amazing experience for my business. They provided local SEO, helped with Google My Business and advised on my website. Marketing Metrology created a clear and transparent marketing plan…”

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“Marketing Metrology has been instrumental to starting my new business off on the right “digital” foot.”

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“Hiring Marketing Metrology was the best decision in helping me market my business. Extremely responsive and professional service with great results. Thank you for all your help!”

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“Hiring Marketing Metrology to work on my local SEO was a great decision. My business exposure improved and I have learned a lot. The attention to detail and customer service was also great.”

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Local Marketing

Local marketing is for businesses that find their customers within a given distance around their location.

In a densely packed city with lots of competitors, that radius could be limited to your neighbourhood. It may be defined by driving time (e.g. anyone within a 20-minute drive or 15 km from your location). In a small, rural community, your customers may come from two or three nearby towns.

Regardless, if your business has a physical location, or if you serve customers within a specific geography, you need local SEO and local marketing.

Metrology? It’s Really Just Measurement

“Metrology” is a term used by engineers when they talk about measurement. It’s not commonly used in marketing or in business— or in everyday life, really.

We’ve chosen it because it reflects our belief in analytics, performance metrics and measuring marketing results.

In the context of local marketing, we think of metrology as the metrics that matter to marketers and to business owners.

E.g. How many leads did you get this month?



meh · traa · low · jee

“The science of measurement.” (wikipedia)

Local SEO 101

We start by addressing local marketing fundamentals. We look at what’s been done and identify what’s missing. From there, we identify a path forward that’s tailored specifically to your business.

It’s not a prefab package or a long-term contract.

The best first steps for your business depend on your history, your goals and your market.

We call this “Local SEO 101” and Local SEO 101 is different for every client.

We price our work as a series of smaller projects—”modules”—so you can move forward in steps that make sense for you and your budget.

Wondering if we can help your business grow? Contact us.