Facebook Advertising Services

Our Facebook advertising services will help you reach your followers and your target audience, even when your posts don’t.

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Just because someone has Liked your Page doesn’t mean they are going to see your posts. In fact, most of your followers won’t. Posts on a Facebook Page typically only reach about 1 - 5% of that Page's fans!

Facebook ads ensure that your posts reach your followers.

But advertising on Facebook does more than get your marketing message in front of the people who already know your business. It is an effective way to reach new audiences. You can introduce potential customers to your brand, collect leads and even drive high-quality traffic to your website.

Facebook ads are a powerful digital marketing tool for both small- and medium-sized businesses. We offer Facebook advertising services for budgets of all sizes. In fact, we can help you set up a campaign that runs for as little as $1 per day.

Facebook Advertising Targeting Options

Facebook advertising is hyper-targeted. You can reach your audience, no matter how niche. Consider this:

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  • Demographics: target your audience by age, language, education level, household income, etc.
  • Location: narrow your audience to province/state, cities, small towns or even to a specific postal code/zip
  • B2C marketing: reach consumers based on personal interests and significant life events (e.g. newly engaged, just married, new parents, etc.)
  • B2B marketing: define your audience based on job titles and/or the company they work for
  • And more: reach an audience at a specific time of day and even on a specific type of electronic device

Yet Facebook ads can also be used to effectively reach a broad audience. The social media site has more than 2 billion users!

(Don't worry if the possibilities are overwhelming; that's exactly where we can help!)

With Facebook advertising, you can stop wasting ad impressions on the wrong audience. Reach your target audience, and only your target audience, regardless of how broad or how niche.

Facebook Ads: Measure Performance & Optimize Results

Facebook ads produce measurable results. Facebook shows you exactly how well your ads are performing. You know how many times they've been shown and how often they’re clicked.

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Better yet, with the Facebook pixel, you can measure what happens when traffic from your Facebook ads arrives at your business’s website.

Did an ad click lead to a website visit?

If so, did a site visit lead to a newsletter sign-up? An appointment booking? A sale? You can measure that!

Plus, Facebook ads can be optimized. Changes are easy to implement. And once the changes are in place, you have the tools to measure their impact. Through a series of iterations, you can modify, measure and improve your ad performance.

Facebook advertising fits perfectly into the Marketing Metrology process for measuring and improving marketing performance.

Facebook Advertising Services: What We Do

Marketing Metrology will work with you to reach your target audience on Facebook. From the buyer personas you've defined (or that we develop together) we will determine exactly who we want to reach and how we can best use Facebook's targeting options to reach them.

Moving beyond buyer personas, we can also build multi-stage marketing funnels. That is, starting from a broadly targeted audience we can retarget Facebook users who interact with your ads, or your website, sending new, increasingly targeted messages.

Our Facebook advertising services go beyond racking up Page likes. Our focus is on measuring performance that matters. We can help you use Facebook ads to drive real business results.

  • Facebook advertising for budgets of all sizes:
    • Run campaigns for as little as $1 per day
  • Fully managed Facebook advertising, including:
    • Set-up
    • Monitoring & reporting
    • Performance optimization
    • Budget control
  • Reporting insights:
    • Useful reports with insights and ideas, not just meaningless numbers
  • Multi-stage marketing funnel campaigns
  • Facebook custom audience building and retargeting
  • Facebook pixel set-up
  • Ad design, including creative and copywriting
  • A/B split testing
  • Landing page creation

Have questions about our Facebook advertising services? Ask us! We're happy to provide answers.

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Facebook Advertising Examples

The organic reach of Facebook posts has been declining since 2014. Facebook announced a further, deliberate reduction in reach in 2018. The official post from Mark Zuckerberg stated that users could expect to see more from "...friends, family and groups" and "...less public content like posts from businesses". Paid ads are the only sure way to reach your audience on Facebook.

Let’s say you’ve got some really exciting news about your business that you want to share on Facebook. So, you post an announcement on your Facebook Page. A few days later you find that the post has hardly reached anyone. Sound familiar? (Typical organic reach is less than 5%.)

Facebook will suggest that you boost the post to reach more of your followers. Facebook will even tell you how much you should spend and walk you through the entire process. It’s quick, it's simple and it works. You know, with confidence, exactly how many additional people saw your content.

However, it’s once you move beyond the simple post boost that social media advertising starts to get really effective.

Let’s say your exciting news is worth sharing with an audience beyond your followers. You create a Facebook ad that shares your big news. And you choose to show your Facebook ad exclusively to people who don’t follow you. You can do that.

Maybe you want to show the ad to people who have visited your website but that haven’t followed your page yet. You can do that too.

You can also show your ad to people who have shown an interest in similar products or services.

You can show your ad to people who live in a certain city. Or, even people living in just a part of that city.

Say you have a list of email addresses that you collected, maybe from an event you attended or from customers in your store. You want your ad to be shown to those people? No problem.

Maybe you want the ad to send people to visit your website to buy tickets to an event. Easy! Want to show a different ad to people who clicked the first ad but didn’t end up buying an event ticket. Yes, you can do that too!