Local SEO Services

Local SEO helps your nearby customers find your business online.

And on the map.

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Our Local SEO services can help get your business on Google Maps.

The Google Maps listing (the "local pack") appears in searches for both goods and services that consumers can purchase nearby.  The local pack is a prominent part of the search results page on desktop computers. On mobile devices, it fills the entire screen.

As more and more searches are done on mobile phones, and as an increasing percentage of those mobile searches are for local information, a highly visible and informative listing on Google Maps becomes increasingly important to local businesses.

Being ranked in the local search results drives phone calls and foot traffic.

So, while the term "SEO" is thrown around casually, what many small businesses actually need is local SEO!

Why Local Search Matters

Local SEO helps you reach potential customers who are actually close enough—and more likely—to visit your business location or call you for a service appointment.

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80% of consumers rely on an internet search to find local information such as business hours, directions to a store, distance and travel time. (Source)

Consumers often act quickly. 50% of consumers who conduct a local search on their smartphone visit a store within a day. (Source)

72% of consumers who conduct a local search on their smartphone visit a store within 5 miles. (Source)

Your audience relies on local search to find information about businesses in the area. They tend to act fast and they choose establishments that are nearby.

Who Needs Local SEO?

If your business would benefit from being prominently listed on Google Maps, you would benefit from local SEO.


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Local SEO is for local businesses. A local business is generally one with a brick-and-mortar location (or multiple locations), that interacts with customers face-to-face. This applies to most retailers, entertainment establishments and service providers.

Local SEO also applies to service area businesses.  That is, businesses that don't have a storefront and, instead, bring their services to their customer's home or office.


  • record shops
  • clothing boutiques
  • shoe stores
  • home decor outlets
  • grocery stores
  • etc.


  • restaurants
  • coffee shops
  • pubs
  • night-clubs
  • etc.

Service Providers:

  • yoga studios
  • hair salons
  • doctors
  • dentists
  • lawyers
  • accountants
  • etc.

Service Area Business:

  • plumbers
  • electricians
  • cleaners
  • HVAC companies
  • landscapers
  • movers
  • builders
  • etc.

Not sure if your business could benefit from local SEO? Why not ask us? We'd be happy to help.

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Local SEO: Why The Distinction Is Important

SEO helps your website content rank in organic search results. Local SEO helps your business listing rank on Google Maps.

The distinction is important: a business listing can rank well in the local finder even if that business doesn't have a website!

(It is uncommon, especially in competitive markets, but it does happen.)

How is that possible?

Google's local search results and the organic search results are determined through a different process (i.e. algorithm).


The Key Parts Of Local SEO

Your business’s Google Maps listing–what information it contains and how it ranks–is the result of many variables.

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Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) allows you to share a large number of details about your business directly with Google. From contact information and a business description, to details such as your business hours and menu items, with GMB you actually provide a large portion of the content about your business that Google uses on your maps listing.

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A citation is an online business listing and they are an important part of local SEO. Local search results are strongly influenced by large, nationally recognized citation sources (e.g. YellowPages.com). However, equally important (or perhaps even more so) are citations on lesser-known sites that are either 1.) hyper-local business listings for your particular location or 2.) industry-specific citations for certain verticals.

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Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are an important factor in local search rankings. Getting positive reviews, on the right websites, is important. But reviews are important for an entirely different reason: your potential customers read them! Compared to word-of-mouth, they are the next best thing. Online reviews have a big impact on whether or not potential customers choose to buy from your business.

There are several key components to local search rankings. We offer services to help businesses with all of them.

Local SEO Services: What We Do

Marketing Metrology will work with you to identify and prioritize local SEO opportunities.

We will develop a modular implementation plan, execute it in logical steps and provide performance feedback along the way.

Important phases generally include claiming and optimizing your Google My Business listing, identifying the best places to build citations for your location & industry and, similarly, identifying the review sites that matter for your business.


  • Citation building
  • Citation remediation (i.e. cleaning up inconsistent citations)

Website Factors

  • On-page "localizations"
  • Schema.org local business markup

Have questions about local search, Google Maps or our local SEO services? Just ask us! We love talking about this stuff!

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Local Search: A Hands-On Demonstration

We all use Google every day. It's so familiar that most of us don't pay close attention to the various ways the search results lay out different types of information. What follows clearly illustrates how Google presents local search results.

If you search Google for "pizza", you'll find that the first page of search results is filled with information about local pizza places. The results will include a map with listings for the top 3 ranking local businesses.  This map is the “local pack”. What you’re seeing are Google's local search results.

At the bottom of the local pack you'll find a link to more places. Clicking this takes you to the "local finder", where you'll find business listings for all the other local pizza shops. With only a few clicks, you can find details to help you choose your pizzeria, including ratings, menu items, address, distance from your location, phone number, price range, business hours and more.

Click this link to see the local search results for “pizza” near you.

Similarly, if you search for, say, “pizza in Chicago” you’ll see the local pack for Chicago.

If you’re old enough to remember the printed version of the Yellow Pages, you’ve just met its modern equivalent. The Yellow Pages listed only local businesses that were close enough to visit. Local search does the same.

Taking hints from your search words, Google determines whether you’re searching for general knowledge about something or if you’re looking for a product or service from a local business. So, if you search for "pizza" you'll be shown local search results. If you search for “pizza dough” or “pizza history” you will see a completely different set of search results. And it’s likely that there's no listing for a local pizza shop and no local pack.

So, if your business provides services locally (e.g. plumbing, cleaning, electrical), or if you run a brick-and-mortar storefront, local SEO could have a profound, positive impact on your marketing.