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Smart, measurable, digital marketing is built on a well-informed plan.

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Our primary business goal is to help other companies achieve their business goals.

To do that, we start with a plan. We need to know about:

  • your industry
  • your company
  • your customers
  • your competitors &
  • what sets you apart

And we need to know about your current business challenge.

That is, why did you contact Marketing Metrology in the first place?


Your business is different from any other. Your business objectives are unique. You need marketing that will help you reach your specific goals.

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That’s why Marketing Metrology does not offer prefabricated, marketing packages. We work collaboratively, over time, to plan, implement and grow a marketing programme tailored specifically to your business objectives.

And in this stage, we always develop a marketing measurement plan. After all, measurable marketing is the core of our philosophy.

We identify what we can measure and what we cannot. Then we evaluate which metrics make sense for your business; we don’t want to waste time with unimportant figures. To help you achieve your business objectives, we identify the KPIs and we set goals.

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1. Build

A comprehensive marketing plan can have a lot of moving parts.

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In fact, most marketing programmes have too many components to be implemented all at once. So, we plan your marketing as a collection of modules. We implement each module in a series of steps, one after the other.

This modular approach allows us to start putting your marketing in place faster. We start gathering performance data sooner. We want to give you confidence that your marketing is working and we want to give you that confidence as quickly as possible.

Further, we can roll out stages of your marketing programme in steps that are matched to your budget.

2. Measure

Measuring results is the first step in improving your marketing and achieving your business goals. However, measurement by itself is incomplete.

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Measurement brings us data, but we don’t measure for the sake of collecting numbers. Measurement is pointless without analysis.

Analysis of the data surfaces patterns and trends. It can uncover unexpected results and anomalies. Analysis gives us insights and ideas. We act on those ideas to help us improve your marketing.

Learn more about analytics.

3. Improve

Marketing Metrology measures the effectiveness of the marketing used to drive each step of your sales process.

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We determine what's working, what isn't and, most importantly, how we can improve.

By improving the outcomes at each stage of your customers’ journey, we can improve the success of your sales process overall.

Digital Marketing For Your Business

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